Real Madrid and Barcelona have been tying their players down in a bid to fend off interests from the Premier League, according to a report by Sky Sport Spanish football columnist, Guilem Balague.

The La Liga giants announced new contracts for their top stars in recent weeks and are set to tie more players down. Neymar and Gareth Bale are two superstars that renewed their deal in recent weeks. The improved deals saw a bump in salaries for both stars.

However, the buy-out clauses for the players were pushed up enough to deter any other club from poaching the players.

Balague opines that the buying power of Premier League clubs is one of the top reasons why the La Liga sides offered their players eye watering deals.

“It’s interesting why it is happening. Real Madrid are spending €31 million more on wages for the next season in their budget to stop Premier League poaching those players.

“It is the threat of the Premier League that both Josep Maria Bartomeu and Florentino Perez are worried about because of the financial power and to keep the same kind of competitiveness that they have, both teams want to keep those players and be able to compete,” said Balague.

Balague revealed that Barcelona are in talks with Luis Suarez. The Spanish football analyst interviewed the Barcelona president who claimed the clubs has enough to retain the star striker. After Neymar’s new deal, Suarez is next then Lionel Messi. Bartomeu downplayed the Man United link to Suarez. The president admitted there was nothing he could do to fend off interests in players. However, he said the club will make a huge effort to improve Suarez’ wage. Suarez does not lack admirers as several clubs would line up to sign him if he decided to leave.