Mark Hughes has not been taken aback by the fact that the Southampton fans whistled him during the game against Fulham yesterday and asked for him to be fired from his job. Hughes insists that it’s the nature of the professional world. Whenever you don’t get the desired results in whatever job you are doing, the question marks will be put next to your name. That’s what is happening with him at the moment.

Hughes says that at times the criticism can be harsh. People can go over the top with it and start criticizing a manager for anything and everything, but again, that’s just the part and parcel of the job. He has been in management for quite a while and even in past, there were situations where he felt the heat working as a manager, but the only thing one can do in such situations is to focus on the job and try and improve rather than thinking about all the criticism.

“It doesn’t faze me. I’ve gone through such periods before. You just get on with it.” Hughes was quoted saying by Daily Echo.

According to Hughes, the fans have their own perspective as well. The kind of position Southampton were in last night, they have been in those kinds of positions before and have ended up winning. But last night, from a good position, they let the advantage slip away and that left the fans bitterly disappointed and their anger came out in the form of whistling. They were sad and hurt and as the manager of the team, he totally understands it.

“Everybody’s frustrated. Our fans have been witness to similar games in the past where we’ve done OK and that frustration of not getting the result over the line is really hurting us at the moment.” Hughes said.

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