Steven Gerrard is a little bit disappointed that Rafael Benitez was removed by Real Madrid.

However, the England legend believes that Benitez has got enormous abilities as a manager and it would not be long before another job opportunity comes to him.

Gerrard also sympathises with the modern day managers who have to be ready for the axe at any point of time irrespective of whatever they would have done for the club in the past.

In the words of Gerrard, “It’s disappointing for sure as far as I am concerned. In my opinion, Rafael did alright after he took over.”

“There will be options for him, no doubt. He’s got the ability and the experience and the clubs would be willing to have him on board.”

Gerrard and Benitez had worked alongside at Liverpool in the last decade and had achieved a Champions League title for the Reds after a gap of 21 years.

When asked if he reckons Benitez would join a Premier League club, the former Three Lions’ captain replied, “It can happen yes. Obviously you can’t say which club. There might be a vacancy anywhere. You see how quickly the managers are removed from their jobs these days.”

There have been some reports of Gerrard planning to join the coaching staff of Liverpool pretty soon. When asked, the 35-year old did not totally deny the possibility.

Gerrard said, “I am not going to continue playing post 2016. Liverpool has conveyed to me that they are interested to have me back. So, let’s see.”

“I think I should have started coaching badges in my early twenties. If I had gone for that back then, I would probably have been on my way to earn professional licence by now.”